Digital Marketing Industry Night



Zone Startup India hosted a Digital Marketing Industry Night on Thursday, 28th July at 6:00 Pm at our accelerator (BSE Building,18th Floor, Fort, Mumbai).

The whole idea of the industry night was to stimulate an interaction between the leading members of the industry and the startup ecosystem, to share great practices in innovation within the space. Previous Industry Nights hosted at Zone were in the BFSI, Capital Markets and Retail Innovation domain where there has been participation from CMO’s, CIO’s, CXO’s, CTO’s, Business Heads, Product Gurus, Investors and Startups at the event.

This event is more of a reverse pitch session where industry leaders talk and discuss problems that they are facing, this usually encapsulates industry trying to work with innovation or new solutions. Usually it is the startups that goes about pitching to investors and industry folks to get noticed, so we thought we should switch things around and have people from the industry speak about what can be/should be done or also share some great practices that they are doing internally to shed some light onto the area of discussion.

The Theme of this industry night is – Innovation & Disruption in Digital Marketing.

This particular event there were approximately 80 attendees.

Agenda for the event:

6:05 Pm – 6:15 Pm : Welcome Note

6:15 Pm – 6:30 Pm : Setting Context: Virginia Sharma (Director Marketing Solutions India – Linkedin)

6:35 – 7:15 Pm : Panel Discussion – How Innovation is changing the landscape within the Digital Marketing realm.

● Veerchand Bothra (Chief Innovation Officer, NetCore Solutions)
● Nikhil Rungta (CMO at Housing)
● Harpreet Bibb (Director, Marketing, Kellogg India Pvt Ltd)
● Sameer Pitalwalla (CEO & Founder, Culture Machine)
● Moderator: Sreeraman Thiagarajan (VP -Digital, Publicis Beehive)

7:30 Pm – 7:45 Pm : Innovation from around the world in a nutshell : Avinash Jhangiani (CIO Omnicon)

7:45 Pm – 8:30 Pm: Startup Showcase (8 selected startups will showcase their digital solutions/products to the audience)

8:30 Pm – 9:30 Pm: Networking over Dinner