Hackathon at Zone Startups/India in conjunction with Google Developers Group Mumbai

More than 70 developers and innovators filled the Zone Startups/India space on April 19 for a hackathon organized in conjunction with Google Developers Group Mumbai.

Twelve teams — one of which was comprised of students between 11 and 13 years old — worked to develop solutions to problems ranging from email management to local price discovery to pattern recognition for object counting.

An impressive group of judges and mentors helped the teams as they worked.

Sakina Arsiwala, director of product at Groupon, was in attendance, as was Naveen Koorakula (CEO of Campfire Labs, acquired by Groupon) and Suneel Bandhu (previous COO of Indian wireless carrier Tata Teleservices Ltd.).

Dr. Sean Wise — professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management— offered his advice via a Skype call from Toronto, Canada.

Wise says events like hackathons provide a great opportunity for participants to think strategically and competitively.

“Fighters train but they also spar,” Wise says. “Hackathons are sparring for coders.”

The winning team, group 12, received top marks for their integrated calendar and event streaming solution. Wise was also impressed by team six and their social pricing idea (“In aggregate, data can be very powerful,” Wise says), as well as by the high school students who participated. “I thought their skills were well beyond their years.”