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Walking the talk with Matthew Saunders

From the retail sector to human resources and beyond, technology can boost companies’ powers of communication. Internally, organizations want software tools that help them recruit top talent and enable the free flow of ideas among employees. Externally, they’re seeking to better understand their clients by capturing a detailed picture of buying patterns and consumer preferences. Read More

Great Addictions

The biggest Heist in the town has taken place, and guess who did it? It’s you! Drive as fast as you can, avoid traffic and evade the cops. One of Zone Startups / India’s teams, underDOGS Gaming Studio, has launched their newest game for Android devices called “CITY HEIST”. It’s an endless addictive car chase Read More


Identifying how a Startup Innovates

Why do start-ups seem to have an easier time than established companies do in coming up with breakthrough innovations? Is it the people, the organizational structure or the culture? More than anything else it is incumbents’ obsession with “incremental innovation,” say Professor Tony Davila of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa at the Read More

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