Naveen Bachwani

Naveen has been working with Internet-based technology since its early days in India, and launched his first startup when he was just 25 years old and dot-coms were still in their infancy.
He brings 20+ years of experience across large-scale enterprises, mid-sized firms and startups, including leadership assignments in Business Innovation, Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement. He also served as the youngest member of the Management Committee at his previous two organizations.
Naveen is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, an expert in User Experience, and a sought-after speaker at business schools & conferences across the country. His contributions have also been featured in a crowd-sourced book by Seth Godin, and covered in various online/print magazines like the Always-On Network, ZDNet India, YourStory, etc.
He leads ThinkShop – a Mumbai-based consulting firm working at the intersection of Technology & Business.