Prakash Chandra Prabhakar

In a career spanning over two decades, Prakash has valuable and hands on experience in innovation & proto typing, project management, transformation & entrepreneurship. Prakash is passionate about innovating for the bottom of the pyramid and has rich insights into the contexts of start ups, small and medium businesses across various industry verticals.

Prakash is admitted into the Sloan Fellowship Program for a MS in Strategy & Leadership at London Business School and he intends to proceed on an academic sabbatical beginning November 2015.

He is currently serving the notice period at Deloitte India, where he works as a Director in their Strategy & Operations business model transformation consulting function. Additionally, he also served as a member of the global team to operationalize the firm’s Internet of Things service line. The firm nominated Prakash as its eminence lead for Digital India and he also was the firm’s nominee in the Joint Working Group constituted by Government of India to effectively roll out the Digital India programs.

Before joining Deloitte, Prakash was managing Q-Equip Associates from 1995 to 2013 – a boutique ideation & innovation firm; as its founder CEO, he worked closely with several large and midsize/ startup firms both in the private and public sectors. For instance, he led a strategy engagement with a USD 40Bn transnational IT&ITES firm to help them increase their market share in the small and medium business (SMB) space. The effort involved identifying the strategic intervention required in the sales and distribution method to increase the sales process effectiveness. At the end of the 4 year engagement, there was a 3 fold increase in the client’s market share in the target market segment.

Similarly, while consulting with a mid-size real estate firm, he pioneered an innovative financing product popularly known as the “No EMI Scheme” in the Indian real estate sector. It gave the client company an easier access to competitive capital which helped them drive a 10X business growth strategy besides reducing the burden of purchase to the end users.

Prakash also pioneered the concept & led a team of professionals to develop the world’s first skill based advisory & support services business model. Prakash’s motivation was to break the cost barrier for delivering contextually relevant, high quality research & analytic support particularly to the small and growing businesses. A proprietary portal and a unique engagement framework powered the delivery model. During the beta, the model successfully served over 500 users from various industry verticals besides being the India knowledge partner to a World Bank initiative operating in 23 countries. Driven by his passion to serve the small and growing, Prakash overlooked certain structural macro aspects of the Indian economy and their implied risks to the innovative business model which, unfortunately, did not scale up to its planned potential and had to be folded up in 2013.

Notwithstanding the failure in scaling up, the advisory service supported several board level decisions and improvement efforts of its subscribers.

Prakash began his career in 1990 with Ingersoll Rand as a Graduate Engineer Trainee. During his early professional career, he reverse engineered the communication headsets for the T 72 Tanks, did substantial work in the fields of quality and waste management (1995-2005) and also briefly served as a Consulting Vice President of a rail track & automotive component manufacturing company. He has been an entrepreneur since 1995.

Prakash has provided pro-bono services to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in India as its Honorary Advisor on industrial pollution and to TRIFED – a Government of India Tribal products marketing company as its Strategic Advisor to help them identify competencies needed to meet their goals. Prakash is a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi University and has a post graduate certification in an Advanced Program on Strategy Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.