R. Venkateswaran

Dr Venkateswaran is the Senior Vice President of Engineering, Products & IP, Persistent Systems Limited, Pune

As the SVP of Engineering, Dr. Venkateswaran (Venki) is responsible for building high-quality and innovative products that form a significant non-linear revenue stream for Persistent Systems. These products leverage best-in-class technologies and service the key trends in global markets. He joined Persistent Systems in 2002 and has undertaken various roles over the years, including that of CTO, Head of Strategic Initiatives as well as Business Head for Telecom Business. Prior to Persistent, he worked for 7 years as a researcher at Bell Laboratories and also at the CTO office at Lucent Technologies.

He earned his B.Tech (1988) and M.Tech (1992) in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and has a PhD in Computer Science from Washington State University (1997). His PhD Research focus was on Multicast Routing Protocols. He holds multiple patents in the area of ATM Multicasting, and has authored numerous research papers that have been published in reputed journals and conferences.