Siddharth Sthalekar

A business graduate from IIM-Ahmedabad, Siddharth was part of India’s capital markets where he headed the country’s largest Equity Derivatives desk for Institutions and was a regular on Television Channels. However, several burning questions, and a visit to Gandhi Ashram ended up changing the course of his life.

By volunteering at the ashram for the last 4 years with his wife, he sought an alignment with his value system. While serving various communities he also co-ordinated a volunteer run, Gift Economy Restaurant called Seva Cafe in the heart of Ahmedabad. Several transformational moments there led him and a few others to host gatherings across the country – known as Moved By Love. The collective intention is to support a cultural shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community and scarcity to abundance. The last few years have also seen him traveling across the world sharing insights from his journey and also being covered in various publications.

One might consider these spaces the antithesis to the trading floor, but they offered Siddharth a different lens to view life. He now spends a majority of his time in Mumbai, re-connecting with his understanding of finance. This gave birth to an intention called –  ‘Sacred Capital‘.

By playing the role of a financial adviser he hopes to bring together donors, organizations, entrepreneurs, investors and everyday ordinary people. It is through these connections, that he hopes to foster a flow of money to regenerate capital. The intention, is to ask tougher questions of our money, to look at it as an instrument of facilitation as opposed to the end in itself. Through this, wealth can be designed in more resilient and more distributed ways.