AasaanPay is a pioneering Technology Startup company in the Payment Space, bringing Mobile POS ( M-POS ) end to end solutions. Backed by tech Stars, sufficient funding, Financial ecosystem understanding and an excellent management team. AASAAN means “Easy” and PAY is payments ,thus AasaanPay is determined to simplify payments in India and other emerging markets , and thus having a play in the Overall ” Financial Inclusion ” objectives.


Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Sainath is the Founder of Aasaanpay. He has been research scholar at IIIT-H. He is very well versed with technology and business. He is also a Mentor at prestigious MentorEdge program, CIE, IIM Ahmadabad.

Srikanth is the Co-Founder of AasaanPay.  His vision is make Aasaanpay become the market leader in the area of Payment Solutions and help simplify payments. Srikanth is currently the EVP-Marketing at Cigniti Technologies Ltd and is as well  also  an investor in other early stage start-ups.

Pruthvi is the Co-Founder and heads the technology development at AasaanPay. He completed Masters of Research in Theoretical Security and B.Tech from IIIT Hyderabad. He concerns himself with making the payments process more accessible using innovative solutions

Shashank is the Cofounder and leads Infrastructure at Aasaanpay. He runs a skilled group of engineers who are responsible for ensuring the reliability and security of Aasaanpay’s payment services. He has been a researcher in the field of cloud computing and virtualization technologies, as a MS student at IIIT Hyderabad.

Problem Area Addressed:
Affordable Point of Sale with Mobility and additional security.

Solutions Offered:
Mobile POS: A small, affordable, pocket friendly solution using which any one can accept credit and debit cards on the go in a smooth way.