Advenio Technosys

Advenio TecnoSys develops artificial intelligence/machine learning based hardware neutral computer assisted detection (CADx) plugins for clinical imaging. The innovators at ADVENIO have extensive experience in designing and developing of CAD algorithms and solutions of high quality on varied diseases in India and around the world. Advenio’s innovation iCheck is an end-to-end eye-care solution for point-of- care diagnostics affordable and accessible for all. iCheck enables easy, quick primary diagnosis and could also be scaled up to be used for a broader range of health care needs.

Advenio aims to provide artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning-based computer assisted detection (CADx) for diagnostic clinical imaging. Their vision is to bring equitable healthcare to the masses. The smartphone-based software solution can be scaled across various healthcare specialties, and drastically reduces the cost of diagnostics.

Team Composition :

Mausumi Acharyya, PhD

Founder, CEO & CTO

• Technology development, CAD software design & development , System architecture

design, Hardware-software integration, Project execution, Market ready product


• Sr. Scientist, GE Global Research

• Sr. Scientist, Siemens Medical Solutions

• Sr. Scientist, LRDE, DRDO

• Post-doc, UPenn, USA

• PhD, ISI, Kolkata

• 10 Patents

• 50 Publications

• 20 yrs research experience

• 14 yrs experience in IT industry

Problem Area Addressed :

There are 65 million diabetics in India, 35% of which might develop retinopathy leading to sight loss and 17 million people every year are at risk of lifestyle diseases complications which leads to visual impairment if not detected timely. The BoP are more burdened with lifestyle and chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension and more critical retinal ailments like glaucoma are on the rise. Asymptomatic retinal abnormalities (DR, glaucoma,…) which have a very narrow window of diagnosis and become symptomatic after disease advancement beyond which the vision of a patient deteriorates within a matter of days leading to sight loss. Early check-up and consistent diagnosis can prevent 80% of total global visual impairment burden. But technology accessible to < 5% population because of expensive imaging device (5-15 lacs INR), diagnosis require experts, disproportionate patient to ophthalmologist ratio (100000:1) and the ratio is much lower in rural India, costly routine-screening (3000 INR), protracted examination (~1.5 hours) requiring pupil dilation and lack of awareness.

Solution offered :

Current  innovation is at final-stage prototyping for MVP and is an end-to- end eye-care solution for point-of- care diagnostics affordable and accessible for all. Innovation consists of – an autodiagnostic software integrated with a smartphone fundus imaging device. The CADx (Computer Aided Diagnosis) software enables autodetection of retinal abnormalities like diabetic & hypertensive retinopathy, glaucoma etc., which are leading causes of blindness and acts as primary-reader specifically  in resource constrained setting. The device is battery powered, hand-held, cost-efficient, regulatory grade with an assembled optical system clipped on to a smartphone, making it accessible and affordable. Commercial-off- the-shelf smartphone integrated with a clip-on optical attachment makes the fundus camera cost-effective (< 100 K) for routine eye-examination (~ 25 INR per eye examination). The device does not require dilation of eye and reduces the examination time to < 5 minutes. The automated diagnostic software is phone processor and/or cloud based; novel and specifies the retinal abnormality and generates a diagnostic report meeting the severe shortage of ophthalmologists/retinal specialists.

Market Traction :

We are currently at the final stage for MVP for clinical trial at multiple centers for validation and feedback.