Areysun is a gossiping platform which represents the behind-the-scene notorious world of gossiping about fun and crazy stuff in an amazingly new way. It’s about sharing, free of judgement what you’re thinking and feeling with your friends. The interesting thing here is that creator stays anonymous i.e. no one involved in this gossip knows who created it and they just know with whom all it is being shared.

Gossip is something which everyone craves to know and do more, from college students to housewives to corporate grapevine. So, we are addressing the global market of smartphone users which is expected to touch 1.75 billion this year.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background): Areysun founder team consist of 2 Crazy humans.

Yash Shah, the CEO. A Computer Science undergraduate. He has been programming since the age of 13. Yash started his first Startup when he was 16. He is youngest student to be selected for Google Summer of Code from India in first year of his college. Few months back, Yash single handedly organised India’s one of the largest Open source Internation conference “”. He is the hustler of the team, who knows how to reach, talk and sell to the people solutions to their problems, and in the process found the product-market fit and is willing to put everything at stake for it.

NikitSaraf, the CTO. Also a Computer Science undergraduate and the code monkey of the team. Nikit published his first paper in a leading journal as early as in his second year of Engineering. He is an open-source enthusiast and can quickly build softwares. He finds interesting ways to hack together codes. He has NLP and ML experience, to build data science and analytic backbone of the product. He is also Google summer of Code intern.

Problem Area Addressed: In this era of social networking, people have become too careful when it comes to share something online. Speaking on a stage in front of a mixed audience of family, friends, and acquaintances makes it hard for them to be their most authentic selves. As a result, they share only their proudest moments to portray themselves better than the others. They filter their real selves, and consequently lose real human connection.

People usually are very concerned about their image. They gossip freely when they’re in person with each other, but when it comes to online or they know it is being recorded in some form or the other, their behavior changes and they start censoring.

It’s not only saying heart out that’s hard, it’s also difficult choosing when to like, comment, and re-share other people’s gossips. Sometimes showing approval of controversial content can be embarrassing or intimidating.

Solutions Offered: The basic premise of Areysun is to serve people who want to do real-time gossiping, that stays on gossipy topics.

We solve the problems mentioned above by giving an option to eliminate creator’s identity and putting the emphasis entirely on the gossip being shared, which allows you to be more confident and being honest. So whenever you create a gossip, no one will know who created it. This way, you are free to express yourself without holding back. Also, you can endorse anonymously what they feel.

Market Traction: We released our Beta Product among few beta testers and friends to get the real feedback on an idea which we had been working on since the last 3 months. After our launch, we have experienced about 24% user growth every week and more than 90% penetration in our college. We have noted 29k+ Gossips on our platform so far. Users are loving to spend time on our platform. Also, we have launched Areysun on Android Play Store for our Beta users.

People are writing their heart out. We have been seeing Gossips which would have never been shared if they were not anonymous. More than 40% of the chats are anonymous. We are also seeing heavy growth in the number of Daily Active Users, about 13.5% per week. Moreover, the percentage increase in the Gossips being done each week is about 16%. This was achieved largely through word of mouth.

Milestones / Achievements: From what we’ve seen so far, we believe that Areysun is something truly interesting and fun and will carve out a new way for people to connect with one another. Our immediate Milestones is to launch the product in which we were incorporating the feedback we got from Beta users in the Market in April first week. We plan to approach the market college wise. We aim to reach 10M users in next 6 months.