ArtZolo is an online platform for art aficionado who can appreciate art or its forms. We cover wide range of artworks ranging from drawings, sculpture to digital painting, craft works.We are currently incubated at Zone Startups/India Our Flagship Product is called ArtZolo.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):

Preeti Singhal has a degree in Design, B.Com. She holds a degree in both Commerce and Design. After studies she took major responsibilities in operations and delivery for her existing entrepreneurial business in Textiles. She is creative and understand various aspect of business from operations to delivery to consumer behaviour. She has worked for over 6 years in her family business.Currently she is leading all efforts on the product ArtZolo which has gained a significant market traction. She revolutionised the product in a very simplistic manner fostering innovation and creativity.

Vishal Singhal is an MBA, M.Sc (Software engineering).He has a wide range of experience across different verticals of an corporate. After his graduation in Software Engineering, he worked for over 4 years with Infosys in Bangalore and US. During his MBA, he was picked as one of the key members to work on one of the largest retailers in the world to work on a project fuelled by high degree of Innovation. Post MBA, he worked in New York and Toronto in one of the world’s leading Brand Management firms, WPP as a Sr. Business Consulting dealing with top level executives. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, entrepreneur beckoned him to come back and do something different which led him to where he is now.

Problem Area Addressed:

1. Technology as a platform for the artist to help selling, marketing their profiles
2. Art as a influencing medium in people’s life (in the form of an education)
3. Marketing for artist
4. Creating another selling channel for the artist, i.e. reproductions of artworks, commonly referred to as Art Prints
5. Transparency in transactions; pricing
6. Using online platform for submitting custom bids
7. Legal way of transaction

Solutions Offered:

1)Online marketplace with online payment gateway integration
2)Custom profile page for marketing
3)Wall view for art buyers, a virtual preview of the artwork in their living space
4)Advanced art search
5)Social statistics around each artwork
6)Advanced analytic around artwork for the profile creation

Market Traction:We started of having a very few users, from small belts in India. We have outnumbered our projections for the year and have started getting incoming requests/calls from artist to join ArtZolo.

Milestones / Achievements:

Jan 2014 –
120 registered artist (all India)
nearly 1800 artwork (includes all variation)
FB fan page – 2100 likes

March 2014
250 registered artist (Mostly India, Small number from US, Russia, Brazil)
3000+ artworks
FB fan page – 5000+ likes

Date of Launch – 24 Jan 2014
Sold till date – Art Prints, Original Artworks, Crafts