They help people get rid of typing and use technology to enable typing through human voice. It is a unique software that enables operating PC or Laptop through our voice commands; it takes “Voice” input through microphone & after processing, it enables efficient selection & operation of functions.

Team Composition:

Founder: Prafull Agrawal. He is B. E. (EXTC) 2013, Mumbai University.

Founder: Chirag Rathod.  He is Post Graduate from MICA and has been in digital marketing for around 7 years.

Problem Area Addressed:

They help users command computer applications through voice.

Solution offered:

As the user speaks any command the mic gives this voice signal to program for conversion into text; after which the command is compared with a list of pre sated commands or words for match & moves the execution control to that part of program & execute the matched part of program & give response to user by speech.