BABY CHAKRA is platform that helps mothers find maternity & children related products & services. We help the 30 Million Mums (and Dads) online to not only find detailed information on services, but also read reviews that help her make a decision in the highly disaggregated $15 BN maternal and child space.

Team Composition:

Founder: Naiyya Saggi

  • Strong Health, Educational & Business Development experience
  • MBA 2012, Harvard Business School
  • BALLB (HONS) NLSIU (Bangalore)
  • Mentor at the D-Lab, ISB
  • McKinsey & Co., The Bridgespan Group
  • 5+ years in leading and building teams

Founder: Mitesh Karia

  • Strong Product & Business Development experience
  • MBA 2007, Faculty of Management Studies
  • BCom (HONS) SRCC (Delhi)
  • HSBC &  Citibank
  • 8+ years in leading and building teams

Market Opportunity:

  • The total market for maternity services in India is $ 2 bn.
  • Children services – $ 3 bn
  • Children’s products (toys, apparels, shoes, accessories, games, etc) – $ 10 bn
  • Online retail for baby care / products market – $ 500 M.

Industry and Competition:

  • The parenting space so far has many content players (e.g.: BabyCenter, Parentune, However, the only player that looks at local services is MyCity4kids. However, this is a mass-listing platform mainly for activities and does not address the ‘trust’ factor that we want to cultivate online through strong social integration. They also don’t profile services in the maternity space. (i.e.: estimated to be a $2 BN market by itself).
  • We are unique in 3 ways. First, we are a one-stop platform for all the information you need on services & shops in your locality as an expecting and young parent. No other platform has that.
  • Secondly, we have a unique “mom first” approach. All the services under health and wellness category come recommended by mothers we spoke to.
  • We also plan to launch product discovery module in Q4 2015, which will be the 1st of its kind independent price and features comparison platform for baby products.

Revenue Model:

Services Profiling

Services in health, wellness, activities, events and education– catering specifically to expecting moms and children will be using BabyChakra customised packages to reach out to their target audience (expecting a baby, new parents and parents of toddlers) in a locality. The packages will help off-line services on :

  • Online customised targeting.
  • Access to a moving target audience (- 9 months to +5)
  • Invaluable consumer insight.

Affiliate Model

Commissions from online marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon, Fabfurnish, Mom & Me and dozens of other online retail players both in the horizonetal and vertical space.) for transactions generated through The cost of brand engagement and lead generation have not been taken into account as of now, but offer a lot of potential.