What is product-name:

▪ Bindas Jobs- A voice based mobile recruitment marketplace & career planner for blue collared.

▪ We capture the voice profiles of the job seekers via various platforms like cloud based automated tele-interviewing IVR system, an internal voice recording app.

▪ The voice profiles help employers to find the confidence, attitude, right intent to work, oral communication skills of the job seekers and they can take hiring decisions on the spot, this method also avoids the initial round of face to face interviews and screening of job seekers. The voice profiles replace traditional resumes of information gathering.

▪ The voice is the ultimate tool to scale, reach out to even tier 2, 3 cities where majority of our target audience reside.

▪ Our another value added approach towards enhancing skills of every job seekers and recommend them right training institutes for skilling is the icing on the cake. We plan to do it with an intelligent match making engine and innovative technologies like Machine Learning

Launched in: 2016


Sidhartha Mohanty (CEO and Co-Founder): Sidharth has around 12 years of experience into sales and business development in the banking and wealth management space, worked for banks like ICICI Bank and financial institutions like India Info Line, L&T Finance Holdings, Concept Investor Relations managing investor relations for various clients across sectors such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, FMCG’s. Failed twice in his earlier entrepreneurial ventures, His mantra is “Keep working till you achieve success” and patience is the key.

Melwyn Pinto (COO and Co-founder): Melwyn has experience in HR consulting, payroll management, HR operation, Talent acquisition. He had over 10 years of corporate experience before co-founding Bindas. An avid cyclist, rides on every weekends to new territories in the city.

Industry and Competition:

▪ Out of 475 million odd work force in the country, around 420 million people are un-organized and falls under this blue collared segment.

▪ As per Ministry of skill development & Entrepreneurship, 500 million people needs to be trained, skilled by 2022. Govt of India’s strong focus on skilling such a large population drives further demand of employment opportunities in the country.

▪ Globally Unorganized- 1.2 billion people

▪ Brazil/India/China/US/Germany-850 million

Competition in India: Babajob, Aaasanjob, merajob etc

Global: jobsandtalent, cornerjob etc.

Traction and Forecast:

▪ It has been 6 months of launch. So far we have been revenue generating and has acquired around 10,000 job seekers and 10 companies on board. Our target in the next 3 months to acquire another 20,000 job seekers and 10 additional corporates on board. We have received interest from Department of vocational training and education (Govt Of Maharashtra) for a tie up. Similarly, we also plan to tie up with all the state government’s skill centres across all the states in future.