Bookstreet is the smartest way to study for your exams.They provide solutions to past exam papers, instantly! They are a slideshare for solved exam papers.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background): BOOKstreet is cofounded by Sandeep, an IIT Delhi alumnus and Archana, a Chartered Accountant. Sandeep has been teaching undergraduate students since the last 5 years while Archana was a day trader with a passion in teaching. They started BOOKstreet when they noticed students asking them important topics to study before every exam.

Problem Area Addressed:Undergraduate students have vast courses making it difficult to study everything. Students depend on various study materials before appearing in exams. Most of these study materials have excess content than the student requires. It confuses the student and in many cases, undergraduate students don’t know how much to study or write for an answer during the exam.

Solutions Offered:BOOKstreet provides solutions for past exam papers called “Smart Solutions”. These solutions are written by university professors, which ensures quality and accuracy of the solutions.The solutions are simple, easy to understand and to the point. This makes it easy for students to focus on important topics of the course while preparing for exam. The solutions are completely digital in nature and can be viewed from multiple devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Students can ‘star’ important questions. They can also ask questions directly to the author of the solutions. This makes it easy to solve doubts just before an exam.

Market Traction:BOOKstreet currently hosts Smart Solutions for engineering courses in Mumbai University. We are in the process of integrating courses offered by 2 more leading universities in India by mid-2014.

Milestones / Achievements:– April 2013: selected for IQ Bootcamp (now called TiEBootcamp)
– November 20, 2013: Launched Smart Solutions for Engineering courses in Mumbai University
– December 2013: Crossed 500 students
– February, 2014: Crossed 1000 students.
– March, 2014: Selected for the first batch of Zone Startups, a collaboration between, BSE Institute, Ryerson University & Simon Fraser Universities of Canada.