Breathing Room is a network of Professional workspaces that come with fast Wi-Fi, tea/coffee, projectors, whiteboards and LED TVs at great prices. Available hourly; Bookable instantly.

Team Composition :
Kaushal is ex-Amazon, Saffronart, Khosla-founded CK-12. He has studied CS from UC Berkeley and is an MBA from ISB.
Jacky also is ex-Amazon. He has worked with Bridgewater Associates.
His educational background includes CS from Carnegie Mellon.
Mehernosh is ex-Saffronart and CK-12, Head of Customer Success & Head of Biz Dev.

Problem Area Addressed :
Finding a workspace, especially for a short-term, sucks. Regus costs an arm & a leg. Starbucks & other coffee shop chains are social hangouts; crowded & noisy. Hotels aren’t built for work and pricing is completely opaque.

Solution offered :
BreathingRooms are perfect for sales team meets, training sessions, when setting up an office in a new city, recruiting drives, or also just to find a creative space to be productive! You can reserve anything from a solo spot @ Rs. 79/hr up to a board room at 599/hr with just a few clicks. BreathingRooms are across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.