BreezeTrader™ is a algorithmic trading solution in the cloud (SAAS) for Strategy development (Drag n Drop / Java), Strategy Testing (back-testing / forward testing) and Strategy Execution (live reports, special order types).



Team Composition:

Founder: Nishant Ranjan

  • Developing automated trading tools since 2009
  • Developed first version of Symphony Presto, FIX based algo-trading tool
  • Passion for entrepreneurship
  • Tech, IIT-Kharagpur, 2003

Market Opportunity

  • algorithmic trading has been gaining volumes since regulator allowed in 2008
  • b/w 100000 and 250000 users are experimenting with Jugaad stack; not willing to spend market rates for current solution
  • BreezeTrader™ provides algorithmic trading in simple, secure and inexpensive way.

Industry and Competition:

Jugaad solution

  • For back testing / charting – Amibroker
  • For live feed – / ManshiRT / etc
  • For order API / positions API – Omnesys NEST API

Revenue Model:

One of following

  • Subscription Model (user pays b/w Rs 5000 / 10000 per month)
  • Commissions Model (user pays b/w 0.5 – 1 bps over and above brokerage)