BugClipper is an in app visual bug reporting tool.It integrates with the app in less than a minute and allows beta testers & clients to report issues instantly from the app – with screenshots and screen recordings.

Team Composition:
Founder: Puneet Sharma
-Computer Science Engineer (2006) with 7+ years of experience
-Product guy (Mobile & Web)
-Co-founded BearShop.in (2011)

Co-founder: Narendra Kumar
-Mechanical Engineer with 14+ years of experience
-Co-founded BearShop.in

Market Opportunity:
Globally the app market is huge, with a total of 5.5 Million apps on iOS and Android stores, increasing at a rate of 30% year on year. With 10% apps crossing 1 Million download we have a big enough target addressable market of 165,000 apps per year.
We are targeting 10% of the addressable market – 16,500 apps per annum. Initial target being the app dev companies and gaming studios.

Industry and Competition:
We offer bug reporting directly from apps and make show and tell very easy for the testers and developers. We are clearly differentiated in our offering and have no direct competitors.
Our indirect competition includes
1- Instabug, an Egyptian startup that does screenshot and based bug reporting targeted at end user feedback.
2- Pcloudy and Beta Glide offer app testing outside app.
3- Traditional Bug reporting techniques.

Revenue Model:
-SaaS – We sell license Per app/month ($25, $49, $249)
-Traction and Forecast
-More than 650 apps using BugClipper.
-Got Featured on Product Hunt in Nov

Founder : Puneet Sharma
Email id : Puneet.sharma@bugclipper.com
Phone : +91 976 800 9191
 Website : http://bugclipper.com