Building an Online Community for Geeks and offering Hackathons-as-a-Service whereby Programmers, Developers and Geeks come together to solve Real World Enterprise and Social problems across India.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):1) MurtuzaHaryanawalla – Geek, Entrepreneur, Product guy, Silicon Valley Executive and advisor to several startups. HBS Exec.- Building a Global Enterprise In India alumnus 2010. or +91-9930520052 or +1-408-676-8787
2) Sobin G. Thomas – Geek, Entrepreneur, Builder, Hacker or
3) AkshatVerma – Geek, Drupal guy, currently managing Partnerships

Problem Area Addressed:

– Creating an identity for India’s best and most valued resource – Programmers, Developers and Geeks!
– Collating smaller, disparate, specific technology driven, localised programmer communities and groups into a coherent nationwide umbrella community which is not only online, but is also connected in the real world.
– Access to Qualified Developer Talent and Relevant Networks
– Leverage India’s best Developers/Programmers/Geeks in solving problems, be it Social or Enterprise

Solutions Offered:

– Focussed, Productive Hackathons-as-a-Service for Enterprise and Social problem solving
– Access to Qualified Developer Talent/teams across India
– Platform to Launch/Promote technologies/platforms at scale in India
– Create prototypes/IP which can be productized to address multiple problems and segments
– Build Thought Leadership and direct communications with the Developer/Programmer communities across India & thereby Globally

Market Traction:

-Codeniti#1, Feb 15th 2014, Xaviers Institute, Mumbai
-CodeGurukul#1, Feb 8th, 2014, DrupalCamp, TCS, Mumbai Codeniti#2, March 1st 2014, Microsoft Accelerator, Bangalore
-1500+ coders in the community
-15+ Partners’ Real world problem statements addressed already through Hackathons in above two cities.
-20+ Actual Prototypes/Solutions checked into GitHub
-Current Partnerships:Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust, GitHub, GDG Bangalore, GDG Mumbai, GDG Goa, OpenSource India, DrupalCamp, Bombay Connect

Milestones / Achievements:– Created Worlds first Free Private Mail Server to service more than 70,000 subscribers for Karmayog Foundation (to be used for Municipal Corp. of Greater Mumbai M.C.G.M) (
– Created the Fellowship Website for Teach for India (
– Created Mobile Android Right To Information app for the NGO Gray Face of India

Roadmap :
– Host 50+ Enterprise/Institutional HackathonsBootcamps across India
– Execute a Product Launch at scale across India for atleast one major Strategic Partner
– Conduct an International Hack connecting Silicon valley, Toronto, Mumbai/Bangalore and Tel Aviv
– Outreach happening through Community Managers in several towns/cities targeting 100000+ developers
– Partner with 100+ NGOs and Social Orgs.
– Develop 150+ social apps and websites on the Open Source Platform

Target Partnerships:
Nasscom 10k, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IIT’s