With computers becoming more and more integral part of our everyday lives, the need for computers to sense and understand the visual world is becoming critical.
This is needed for driver less cars, autonomous drones, indoor/outdoor navigation, robotics, mixed reality, virtual reality and even specific industries such as VFX in movies and 3D Scanning. All of these are increasing at an extremely fast paced rate but all of them are heavily computer vision dependent.

Dimension NXG is solving the core problem of computer-vision, i.e robust tracking and reconstruction, affecting multiple industries.

Right now their technological solution provides about 10X better results than industry leader Intel.

Team Composition:

Founder: PankajRaut

  • BEng (Hons.) Mechatronics Engineering, London South Bank University.
  • Has Setup one of the best 3D scanners in Europe and has been featured in various news like Yahoo, Guardian, The Register, etc

Founder: Gaurav Godbole

  • BE(Computer)- PICT : MBA(Finance)-PUMBA.
  • Has an all-round experience from Corporate Sector at ICICI Prudential to Academics as Assistant Professor to Public sector as Finance manager at FCI.

Founder: AbhijitPatil

  • Tech. (Manufacturing Engineering), IIT-Bombay.
  • He is a 3D Printing expert. Has also developed 2 machines, one of which is under patenting process. In past Abhijit has received a national level innovation award for same.

Market Opportunity:

3D Printing has great market opportunity both in household and professional sectors

Such as

  • People are always looking for new ways to capture greatest joy from best moments in their life like wedding, child’s birthday, ceremonies, etc. 2D photos don’t capture the moments in its complete eternity.

So they stand to explore this opportunity as the Photogrammetry based scanners available in market to capture memories are Costly and not portable.

  • Also they are looking to explore the opportunities in health sector

When a surgeon operates he obviously operates in 3D, but all the tools he has to preplan the surgery are in 2D (eg: X-ray, CT Scan, MRI). This is not the best solution to plan complex surgeries. This can lead to complexities and need for exploratory Surgeries. Even the best planners can struggle with limited information that is available and with the inability to try out multiple approaches before entering surgery.

Industry and Competition:

The competitions are photogrammetry based 3D Scanner developers, and other portable systems like ARTEC.

Revenue Model:

  • For PreSurgi: Every PreSurgi Solution provided.
  • For MiniME Scanning booth: Franchise revenue sharing model per miniature.
  • For MiniME Mobile APP:  Miniature sales through app.