Dive is your Local Network Building Application. Using your interests and location dives connects you to pools of people who care about the same things as you.

Dive gives you:
– A rich feed of user-generated posts to enable you to gain knowledge from dive users around you
– Chat to share your opinions and have a discussion about things that matter to you
– Maps & Search to find more pools that discuss things important to you
– Local Services that can cater to your interests
– Rated Profiles to lend credibility to the people interact with

By giving you a platform to meet people similar to you – Dive does its best to make your world a smaller place.

The app is currently in its Beta Testing Phase and will be launched by Q4 2014.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Akshay Gite – Director Product & Design
Akshay Gite started his career in Digital Marketing with Only Much Louder and worked on some of India’s largest Music Festivals like the NH7 Weekender. He moved on to work with India’s largest B2B Domains and Hosting Provider, Directi – ResellerClub, as a Digital Marketing Associate. He also did a brief stint as a copywriter for an agency named “Yes Yes, Why Not?” and has published advertisements for the British Broadcasting Corporation. His creative endeavors include a progressive metal outfit named “Petrichor” where he plays the bass and manages the band. He also works as a freelance graphic designer for Album Art and Graphic Novels in his free time. He has studied Advertising and Marketing Communication from Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. He is one of Dive’s co-founders and currently handles Product Design.

Keenan Thomas – Director Business Development & Operations
Keenan Thomas started his career in the booming Internet Infrastructure Industry at Directi(ResellerClub) – Asia’s Largest B2B Internet Solution Provider. In 2012, he played a key role in pioneering India’s largest summit for the Hosting & Cloud industry and in just two years the event gained enough steam to be able to launch thought leadership events in China & Europe under the same umbrella(now known as ResellerClub presents HostingCon). He studied Advertising at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and continues to play Rugby and Dota since then. He co-founded Dive and now heads Business Development & Operations for it.

Salil Thakur – Director Engineering
Salil Thakur started off his Software Engineering career as a full stack web developer in his senior year of undergraduate college. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 2012 he worked as an iOS and a front end web developer for Idea Tree Inc., a tech startup/consultancy based in Pennsylvania, USA. He worked on creating rich, interactive applications for varied verticals from construction management companies to premium fashion brands for a period of two years. Deeply inspired by Steve Jobs’ Ideologies, Salil puts in a lot of effort in his work to make products user friendly, paying great attention to every single detail and design. In his spare time, Salil enjoys listening to music, practicing the guitar, playing DotA and football.

Problem Area Addressed
Meeting new people, building a relevant network