Donatekart is a free crowdsourcing platform where people can donate in kind to charities instead of money. NGOs start campaigns on our platform listing down their product requirements (Products they would have bought using donated money) and donor just like they shop on flipkart can choose products they want to donate and pay for the products. Donatekart at the end of the campaign deliver the products to NGO’s and update donors. As 70% of the money that is raised by NGO’s is used in procuring some or the other products, We are making this donations transparent by helping NGO’s get these products directly from Donors. We are a completely free platform for NGO’s to raise any kind of products be it stationery, blankets, groceries, utensils, medical equipment anything which we can ship to the organisation. Our campaigns are so successful that 75 of our campaigners raised 40 lakh+ worth of products till now.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):

Anil kumar reddy
Anil graduated from NIT Nagpur in 2016.He left his high paying campus placement and started this social venture Donatekart. During his college days he was part of a angel funded digital media startup Newspot. He engaged in different leadership roles in college and is highly motivated towards social work. He is a passionate photographer expert in capturing human emotions. The idea of Donatekart came to Anil when he went to work in relief activities of 2015 chennai floods.
Sandeep sharma
Sandeep Sharma is also a 2016 graduate from NIT Nagpur. He went to Vedanata after college,worked there for 3 months and joined Donatekart. He started a venture during his summer holidays where he sold 5000 notebooks at 30% of its cost by getting local advertisers to advertise on the notebooks. He is inclined towards natural farming and already started farming in his village.

Problem Area Addressed:

We are trying to address both the problems of NGO’s and Donors using our unique crowdfunding model. NGO’s these days are facing lot of issues in raising funds online/offline. The reason is Donors are expecting more trust and transparency in the utilization of their funds.And also other than heart touching campaigns raising money online is very difficult.

Solutions Offered:

Donatekart is a crowdfunding platform for charities to raise products that are in need to them instead of money. Organisations can start a campaign on Donatekart listing down the products required for their successful functioning.Campaign page is build up with few pictures explaining the work of organisation and the details of their campaign to appeal the donors. Campaigner will be given freedom to choose the stint of the campaign normally between 30-45 days. Charities share the campaign on their social media or tap their potential donors through emails.Donor visiting Donatekart can choose the product he/she wish to donate and pay for it, Donatekart delivers them to Organisation at the end of the campaign .We function similarly like any other eCommerce site but here donors browse wishlist of NGOs and shop for them. Donatekart also help organisations to keep donors in loop through our donor management system .Frequent updates on product utilization will be given to donor.This way we are including a new level of trust and transparency in the donations made to the NGO’s.

Market Traction:

Helped 75 NGOs raise 50 lakh worth of products in the last six months after launch. 2500+ Users/Donors.