Ediffy is a student communication and engagement application deployed in education institutes that streamlines teacher-student communication and various related processes such as placements, reminders and document sharing. The principle behind Ediffy is that most major problems in the education ecosystem usually have communication issues at their epicentre – be that lack of sufficient cmmunication or lack of the right platform to communicate. Keeping this in mind, Ediffy has been engineered to utilize a ‘Mobile First‘ channel to engage students. These channels include native mobile application as well as text messages (SMS).

Ediffy uses a cloud based infrastructure to help institutes manage their student communication and placement-related data more intuitively.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Harsh Prabhu, Co-founder &CEO
Harsh has worked as  as an Analyst at the Investment banking division of JP Morgan. During this period, his work primarily included positioning, M&A, IPO strategy and valuation analysis for multi-million dollar deals mainly for Indian and Asian clients. Always inclined towards the innovation factor of technology companies made him learn, observe and take further interest in various tech-related trends which strengthened his belief to setup his own company. The itch to be be the engine of a real value providing organisation compared to a spare part of a huge corporate, made him finally leave his comfortable pay and desk to venture into the uncertian world of entreprenurship. Harsh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai Univerity.

Parth Gandhi, Co-founder &CTO
Despite the multiple job offers at hand, Parth was enthralled by the startup world and joined a startup right out of college. His first stint was at a startup named Moyyer, an integrated platform built to empower the startup community with respect to deal flow management. The eminent angel investor, Mr Siddharth Ladsariya, played a critical role in founding Moyyer. After having built the entire platform from the ground up over 16 months, he decided to break out on his own to pursue his own venture and played a crucial role in founding Ediffy.He is in constant pursuit of a dynamic business environment where he can learn and thrive at the same time. Business acumen runs through his veins, with his family being a pre-eminent importer of ceramics in India. Parth holds holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai Univerity.

Akshay Rao, COO
Akshay is a Chemical Science and technology major from IIT Guwahati. However, excited by the opportunities offered in the corporate strategy world, he chose to pursue a career in management consulting.He was an integral part of the Strategy and Operations team in Deloitte Consulting (Mumbai Office) for the last 3 years. His past engagement work spans a wide array of areas including commercial due diligence, corporate strategy and business plan development as well as market entry strategy. He has worked closely with several large multinational corporations such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, CX Partners, Philips, Johnson & Johnson Medical and SCA to name a few.Constantly looking for the next challenging experience, he decided to jump into the fray of entrepreneurship and the startup world.

Problem Area Addressed:
Student Communication and Engagement has been identified as a major detriment to providing the right kind of training and education to students. Improvements in student engagement have a quantifiable impact on their academic and overall performance at education institutes.

Furthermore, Ediffy provides a simple means for institutes to collect important student data and statistics through its engagement model. This helps ease problems institutes face in making important processes such as admission an placements more efficient.

Solutions Offered:
Ediffy provides a single cloud based platform for addressing the following needs:

  • Reminders and notifications
  • Process automation with custom rules
  • Data collection and data manipulation tools
  • Document sharing

Market Traction:
Currently, Ediffy is used by over 25 education institutes and education service providers to engage with a total student base of ~40,000.