“ePoise eVAL” is a cloud based video interviewing and screening product from ePoise. It allows remote interviews to be conducted in an asynchronous manner, in a proctored setting. Using ePoise the hiring manager or recruiter in a company can create highly flexible interviews and invite the candidates via an email.  Candidates on receiving the invite can attend the interview from anywhere at any time – hence the word – asynchronous.

ePoise eVAL is a digital replacement for the first round of interviews.

Our ‘best in class’ features enable companies to gain significant efficiencies and compliance in the hiring process, improve quality of hire and benefit from a revenue impact. The product is designed to work in low bandwidth conditions in India and s being used successfully in tier 2 and tier 3 towns of India.

Additionally, the product gives companies confidence about the identity of the candidates and also helps them in hiring best talent from anyplace around the globe.

 Team Composition:  ePoise was co-founded by Bishan & Sachin:

Sachin Agrawal (CEO and co-founder): Sachin has developed new business, managed assets worth $1+ billion during restructuring of Lehman Brothers and has been a management consultant in his 15 year corporate career before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. A London Business School alumnus, he actively volunteers with TIE and Nasscom to support Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Bishan Singh (COO and co-founder):  Bishan has experience in managing P&L, building cross cultural teams and working with customers across the globe. He had over 13 years of corporate experience before co-founding ePoise. A London Business School alumnus, Bishan is a marathon runner and a sports enthusiast.

Problems addressed: Hiring the best available talent though critical is always a challenge for companies. They engage the top talent to conduct interviews, even though there is 80% rejection rate in the first round. This results in a lot of wasted effort which could otherwise be productively utilized towards revenue generation.

Scheduling of interviews is another challenge as candidates are usually available on weekends and late evenings but interview panel is not. Completing one round of interviews for a position can easily take   2-3 weeks.

In most companies interviews are left to the individual evaluator’s preparedness. Though there are guidelines, there is often a lack of consistency and standardization in evaluation of candidates leading to poor quality of  hiring.

Solution Offered:  ePoise’s eVAL addresses all these problems by making the interview asynchronous and with its ‘best-in-class’ features for collaborative, consistent and faster evaluations supported by advanced analytics.

It’s easy to use and available for pay and use as a cloud based SaaS offering.

Market Traction:  ePoise has been around in the market for almost an year now and has gained significant traction with 40+ customers. It was among the first batch of 11 start-ups nationally selected by NASSCOM 10,000 Startups program and invited to take office space in the Nasscom Warehouse. It has also been identified by NHRD as a promising start-up with a game changing idea.