Focus is an Indoor Navigation technology that utilizes existing hardware (WiFi, Mobile Phones) to accurately locate consumers inside indoor locations such as Malls, Hyper markets, airports etc. Based on the location, we provide services to the consumers, and provide analytics about consumer movement to retailers to help them increase revenue.

Team Composition:

Founder: PrateekChaturvedi

Market Opportunity:

  • Globally, the Indoor Location market is estimated to be between $ 5 and 40 Billion.
  • It caters to many industries, including Retail, Tourism, Analytics, Ads, Manufacturing etc.

Industry and Competition:

  • Globally we compete with companies such as Aisle 411, Nomi, and other upcoming iBeacon providers. We also compete with companies using legacy technologies such as Security Cameras for Analytics.

Revenue Model:

  • Charge a per store, per month fees from retailers for Analytics
  • Charge a per coupon/ad fee from retailers for outreach
  • Charge a per user/per notification fee from Apps such as Freecharge, SnapDeal etc.