We are an in-taxi, interactive media platform, powered by content that passengers love. By installing an interactive tablet in every taxi across India, we want to create a digital media platform that will engage, entertain and inform millions.

Team Composition

Ajinkya Deshpande  – Rochester Institute of Technology and Pune Institute of Computer Technology

Atharva Sabnis M-Rochester Institute of Technology

Ronak Shah -Rochester Institute of Technology

Problem Area Addressed

We are the new-world digital platform organizations need. We will flip the paradigm of customer engagement from a forced chore of an advertisement before a video, to an interactive animation that enthralls potential customers, leaving them yearning for such rich, meaningful engagement. And we are just getting started. We are Fractal Media. We want to take digital marketing back to what it’s really all about – the customer. The shift towards a more personalized customer-centric organization is the single biggest change since the advent of digital media; organizations no longer need a digital strategy; they need a business strategy, fit for a digital age. Our mission is to bridge the gap between consumers looking to be found by experiences they will like, and providers looking to build relationships with consumers by delivering them such engaging, individualized experiences. We have the people, technology and the tools to make help organizations make the leap from digital innovation to relationship innovation. We do this by offering media platforms that are targeted, experimental, experiential, inclusive and collaborative.

Solution offered

Our first product, Taxi Cubes, is an interactive, location-driven media network of Android-powered nine- inch multi-touch tablets, durable for the tough taxi environment mounted behind passenger-seat headrests inside aggregator-service taxis across urban India -e.g. the ones driven for Ola and Uber-. Powered by engaging, Snapchat-like user-centric content from organizations, Taxi Cubes can help businesses achieve their branding and commerce conversion goals by engaging a captive, tech-savvy audience with unique content forms ranging from location-driven images/videos and micro-sites to interactive micro-games.

Market Traction

Ever since the team thought of launching Taxi Cubes, meeting potential advertisers and their agencies has been a priority. Pre-launch, we have confirmed interest for deployment of marketing content from multiple pan-India advertisers, and are also being pursued by a couple of reputed Mumbai-based advertising agencies.