frapp aims to be the go to app for students in India. On frapp, a student can verify his student status and once verified, a student can get access to exclusive internships, offers, access to events and content, all on one platform!


Market Opportunity :

Students spend over $2 Billion online and via organized retail. Currently there are over 150 million students in India between the age of 16 – 23 and over 1/3 have a smartphone with an active internet connection. The number of students, the disposable income as well as the number of smartphones with internet is set to go up in the coming years. With the increasing importance of Customer Lifetime Value, brands too are looking  to onboard customers as soon as they have some decision making power. Along with this, fulfilling other student needs will help us build and engaged and sustained digitally and verified student community.

Industry and Competition:

The student market is young and the customers of the future. It is a market everyone wants a part of, mainly with respect to CLV





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