Furnityze is Mumbai’s first online portal for used furniture. Their mission is to bring a joyful experience in your furniture buying. Every year thousands of people move to cities like Mumbai for better career opportunities. The next step is to find an accommodation. Finding a flat is very easy but finding the furniture that suit your needs and fit your budget becomes a real nightmare. Time constraint and having no clue of the new cities, you end up renting a furnished house which cost you anywhere between Rs 7000-10000/month extra over an unfurnished house.

That’s where they step in.

Furnityze.com is a team of enthusiastic young people who have faced a similar situation before. To make things nice and easy, we are here with a portal that fulfills basic furniture needs of your house at minimal cost.

Team Composition:

Naresh Solanki – MBA – NITIE Mumbai, BE – MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur

Narendra Solanki – He has five years of experience, working in IT industry.

Lalit Kumar – He has 10 years’ experience of running his own business.

Khushbu Agrawal: MCA, SPIT Mumbai

Market Opportunity:

Indian furniture market is worth ₹1,40,000-crore which is highly fragmented and unorganized. Online furniture market still in nascent stage, accounts for a mere ₹750 crore. There is a huge growth potential in this segment.They have first mover advantage in online used furniture category. There is an urgent need to fill the big gap (non-availability of used furniture online with home delivery) in house hunting value chain which is a large opportunity.

Industry and Competition:

Furniture, E-commerce

They have first mover advantage in online used furniture category.They do not have any direct competition. Indirect competition includes online classifieds and furniture rental service providers.