In Image ad serving solutions for Brands and Direct marketing solutions for E-commerce.
The explosion of images online and the emergence of image-based technologies have combined to turn photos into premium inventory, creating a scalable display advertising channel for brands/advertisers. Our technology visually target images and place relevant products/ads right inside the images and drastically increases conversion and performance of the entire advertising model. A new revolution in the $35BN Ad tech industry! Creating a new inventory by providing real time information about the images and converting them into premium ad spaces(inventory) for brands to exploit the opportunity of placing ads over the images. We have been constantly clocking an engagement rate more than 90% and an average click through rate close to 10%, which has so far not been achieved by any of the other existing advertising models.

Founding Team:
Vijay ram kumar.M
B.E Instrumentation and Control systems – PSG college of Technology.
As a sophomore franchised stock market software and sold it to more than 50 franchises PAN India. Worked with 3 early stage technology companies and organized 10+ start up events focused on lean start up methodology when i was a junior in college. Previously, youngest fellow at Startup Leadership Program, Fellow at Founder Institute(World’s largest startup accelerator).Business research analyst at CIIE- Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad.

Varun Gupta:
M.S. Computer Science – Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.
Out of more than 100,000 graduates, Ranked # 12 in Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering. Ranked No 5 in System Science automation. Work EX- Finisar corporation, Malaysia.
Have extensive knowledge and experience in Data Structures and Algorithms. Stochastic models and Applications Multimedia Systems. Linear and Nonlinear Optimization Computer vision. Digital Signal Processing Digital Image Processing. Special Topics In Image Processing. Real Time Systems, Data Mining,Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks.

Problem Addressed:
Reasons for the death of current Display advertising model 1) Ads are not viewable 2) Ads are irrelevant 3) Ads are intrusive and provide no value. Result: Poor CTR, Performance.

In Image ads solve these 3 problems by placing ads inside images & promises on the view ability, relevancy thus increasing performance 10X times more disrupting the existing display advertising model.

Market Traction Summary:
Brand API – Implemented with Ad network worth 60 Mn+ premium audiences & 50+Brand advertisers.
Testing with 3 ad network (Clients include Fork media, Times Ad centre which are some of the largest Ad networks in the country). E-commerce API – Live on 10 publishers clocking an interaction rate of 90% and CTR of 12% Mobile API – Client: Pay TM