Intugine Technologies

Intugine Technologies aim at re-inventing the way people interact with machines using gesture recognition technology and devices for now. We will also be marching on the path to include Artificial Intelligence in our mission. We believe that since man made computers, so it is the machines that must learn how to operate rather than humans should learn how to operate machines.
We plan to build a new line of economic devices for both home and office use that will entirely change the present scenario of how people interact with machines. Our first product, Nimble is just beginning of a whole new era of input devices for computers.

Founders’ Background:

Harshit Shrivastava, Dropout IIT Kharagpur. Geek and expert in devising intelligent algorithms. Developed the most accurate gesture based technology after a research of 2 years. Previously worked with a team of IIT Kharagpur, which developed India’s first robust self driving car (AGV).

Abhishek Sharma, Dropout IIT Kharagpur. Heads marketing and business development in the team. Devised and successfully executed an internship portal for the students of IIT Kharagpur while he was in his second year at IIT. Was also closely associated with entrepreneurship related activities while he was in the campus.

Vivek Kumar, Dropout IIT Kharagpur, Belongs to the Electronics and Electrical Communication Department of IIT Kharagpur. Has thorough expertise in devising new wearable hardware designs and has keen interest in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Problem Area Addressed:

1.No gesture based gaming solution available for PC and Android games because these      games require high accuracy and considerable range.
2.No economical way to handle 3-D models and play games with simple hand gestures.
3.No positional tracking technology available for Virtual Reality Headsets.

Solutions Offered:

1.We provide a tiny magical ring which can be worn on the index finger and help users in   handling 3-D models and play games using simple gestures and hand movements.
2.The device has sub mm accuracy to run Android and PC games with great experience.
3.The cost of our device is approximately (1/5)th of the present gesture based solutions.