LinkMySport is a sports technology company building cloud based products for businesses to manage their Sports Activities, Events & Venues online.

Team Composition:
Manik Mehta (Founder & CEO): He is the brain and soul behind LinkMySport. Reads flipboard for a living, takes stairs to keep fit and juggles between tech, marketing and everything else. Computer Security distinction holder from De Montford University (England) and a regular hopper at Au Bon Pain.

Kabandi Saikia (COO): Scribbles on paper, tries to make her desk cool and is the in-house cook for LinkMySport team dinners. She juggles between operations, marketing, analytics and the cool content stuff. Human Resource Management from Manchester Business School (England), Delhi University alumnus and a tea & coffee addict.

Chetan Deka (CTO): A technology geek and an amazing photographer. University of Newcastle (England) alumnus and an enthusiast at the start-up scene. He can survive on technology news and black coffee literally!

Pranaya Behera (CDO): Pranaya is the tech guy, has been with LinkMySport from early days. He codes, watches TV and movies for a living, not always in that order. Frequently known to enter the ‘Pranaya zone’ with music blazing in his ears and completely cut-off from the world. Well, that’s when he works best. B.Tech from NIT-R.

Raunak Desai (Lead-Sales and Business Development): Lives football. Plays like Ronaldo and a big Chelsea FC fan. He is the Business Development Lead and manages client relations. B.Tech from VIT, a potential footballer and the lunch coordinator at LinkMySport. If he loves something, he will make you do it, did we say Uber.

Problem Area Addressed:
We book movie tickets online, buy our grocery online and even bus tickets. But there is hardly any place where you can book sports activities and facilities. On the other hand there are loads of sports activities and facilities which go under-booked or un-utilised.

Solutions Offered:
LinkMySport solves these problems by providing a hosted website to venues and organisers with an integrated booking system and a simple dashboard to manage everything.

Market Traction:
We launched our MVP to understand the market better and validate our business model. We picked out a highly targeted market (amateur football players in Bangalore) to validate our assumptions. We went live for a couple of months during which we worked closely with over 1000 registered users and 30 organisers in Bangalore.