Mirc Media

Mirc Media is a digital analytics company that focuses on organizing unstructured data from the social web to solve challenges faced due to lack of standard rating systems and audience measurement in the media & entertainments domain.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Lavin Mirchandani, Founder & CEO
Lavin founded mirc media as a boutique consulting firm that previously helped bollywood films launch their digital campaigns. He spearheaded the digital campaigns and analytics projects for banners such as Shakti Samanta Films, Goel Screencraft, Aron Govil Productions, Hiten Tejwani and consumer brands such as Idea Cellular, Hero Motor Company amongst others. He has also been the Associate Director for Communications & Alliances at The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in Mumbai, where he helped this global body of entrepreneurs establish a strong presence on the digital space while actively enabling the entrepreneur-investor ecosystem in Mumbai.

Lavin holds a bachelors degree in electronics Engineering from VESIT and has been a fellow of the global Startup Leadership Program.

Problem Area Addressed:
• The sales pitch made by celebrity managers is based completely on perception selling. The superstars get bought basis their last performance (film, match, appearance etc.) However, the B and C category stars need to be sold! This is done by creating a perception around the celebrity’s reach and archetype- often achieved by investing in media buying activities (paid news). There is a lack of standard rating system for celebrities in general.
• Television channels that do not fair well on rating points, deploy the same technique of perception selling. These channels are the long tail of the India television industry and have an extremely heavy following and engagement among the SEC that is present on digital web (E.g. English GECs, Hindi Movie channels, English movie channels, News channels, travel and Lifestyle channels)

Solutions Offered:
The automated (cloud based) dashboards provided by our product helps the VP sales of the tv channel and the Celebrity manager with real numbers that point out the following:
• Quantity: Reach of the celebrity/channel: ?How many people engage with and get impacted by the content featured by the celebrity or distributed by the channel. (This is much more than the sum of individuals following them on their social media accounts)
• Quality:
The demographics and psychographics of this audience. How do they relate to with the celebrity and the tv shows viz. value systems and interests.

Market Traction:
Please drop a line to lavin (/at) mircmedia.com to discuss this section.