OliveSync aims to create a platform that engages students, empowers teachers and brings visibility to the management by enabling them to gather and distribute information digitally. Our Platform understands the student coursework, teachers and Institute spaces like classrooms and labs and brings it all on one simple screen for teachers and students.

This helps them


1. Communicate via one way Notifications and also help with Automation of about 50% of communication to the students.

2. Schedule Lectures by selecting available classrooms and labs.

3. Create submissions within Lectures or create time based assignments.

With over 38000 colleges and higher Education institutes, we see immense potential to grow and enable an optimised environment for our clients.

Team Composition:

• Devang Khandhar- Over 16 years’ experience in IT, master at getting the best out of the tech team.

• Hamza Mansoor- 6+ Years of passionate marketing and sales experience, drives the product and marketing for the company.

• Ketan Ghatode- Ex CTS, networking expert, binds the team together and a perfect mix of salesmanship and love for technology.

Launched in: November 2015

Market Opportunity:

38000 Colleges, 33 Million Students and 1 Million Teachers in Higher Education in India

Industry and Competition:

Local- Eddify, Teno, Sircle-

International: Blackboard, Canvas by Instructure

Traction and Forecast:

2 unpaid colleges with 14000 users using the product and 2 paid colleges with approximately 10000 students have agreed to be customers by 31st December 2016