Pangea Guides

Pangea Guides is a set of curated places information with extensive details, various tools and utilities to organize travel activities along with portability between devices using cloud with an augmented reality browser all connected with social layer of Facebook Open Graph API.

The platform is utilized using web, mobile web, native mobile apps and site integrated Facebook app. So rather than making user go through several pages of non-curated biased data, Pangea Guides narrows information to localized environment and brings user experience to personal/customized level.

On normal day Pangea Guides is created by developers, for the customers and backed up by incubators however in actual fields of usage our product is done for the travelers by the travelers and backed up by travelers.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background): There are three key people behind the racket.

Rahul Bansode Co-Founder/Director

If you are probably curios over who was the first guy to whom the epiphany happened and then he lost sleep over figuring out the concept then the answer is Rahul. Besides being a director of Pangea Guides Rahul is creative head and UX designer on the team. His prime responsibility includes pitching an app idea to designer and pitching sales projections to investors. Before starting the company Rahul worked as System Administrator with Reliance Media Works, As a UI Designer with Thinking Minds Inc and as a Regional Technical Executive for eGurucool. He holds BA degree from Pune University along with several skill test certifications in many areas.

Pankaj Patil Senior Consultant

Pankaj is one of the early programmers from India who enjoyed better benefits of BCS Degree during early days of Web technology revolution In India in offshore service developments. Prior to joining Application Nexus Pankaj worked with Various technology companies where he polished his skills to the max. His extensive knowledge of building scalable web services over opensource platform LAMP helps company bringing best possible integration of our app ecosystem with cloud.

Rahul Pandey Senior Consultant

Rahul is an opensource evangelist currently working on Apache Cardova/Phonegap platform for our HTML5 Native applications for iOS as well Android. He holds a degree in computer science. With much compromised on social life Rahul spent his last five years completely researching and hacking various hardware and software tools available. His current passion for hacker culture brings us take bolder steps in fresh technologies.

Problem Area Addressed

While there are multiple apps and websites available out there, they all are built keeping the entire world as an audience in mind and are targeted very loosely. Similar to this, there are multiple utilities and tools available for travel but most address only one or two functions at a time. This makes user go back and forth between several apps and websites for achieving multiple yet singular tasks. Not only it is tedious and time consuming, it also results in draining mobile batteries faster. Higher roaming charges or travelling through no connectivity areas also makes some apps useless. Pangea Guides has built all frequently required travel utilities within one app along with pre-built localization for the places. The places information is carefully curated, including their map locations, for best use and app continues to function for larger parts even without Internet connection.

Solutions Offered

After 18 months of hard work, we have launched first batch of 50 city guide app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Surface clubbed with and Facebook App.  Being device agnostic our apps offer user level customization portable across multiple platforms over a single click. This means user can create an itinerary  using her desktop and then import it to her android phone and modify and then can share it with her husband’s iphone by simply exporting it using facebook. Our current apps have got several utilities and places information which continues to work seamlessly without any internet connection for most of the parts.

Market Traction

We are getting 300 new downloads on iOS daily followed by 150 on Android and 100 on Windows daily. The best way to judge if the product is creating any value by seeing if people are ready to sign up for paid features and we have got 4% to 5 % conversion rate for In App Purchase so far.

All of our apps are currently ranked at minimum 4 out of 5 stars in all stores. While most of the positive reviews are helping us to raise moral support the negative reviews (sometimes on android) telling us what more can be done or what sort of a user base is there that is yet hard to convince.

With 50 Apps in each store we are currently one of the largest travelguide app providers and are about to position ourselves in top 5 positions.