Piconergy is a for-profit social enterprise which envisions seeing a world  free from energy poverty by harnessing renewable energy. Its mission is to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to all through innovation in technology, consumer finance and distribution methods.

Team Composition :

Bhushan Trivedi – Founder

Bhushan is a social entrepreneur aspiring to provide clean, affordable & reliable energy products and services to non/under-served households and micro-enterprises suffering from energy poverty in urban & rural India.

After seeing countless households and micro-enterprises which do not have access to even basic energy services along with the understanding that there are more than 300 million people in India even today who have absolutely no access to electricity inspired Bhushan to come up with Piconergy.

Bhushan has been fortunate to have worked in a range of sectors, from developing and scaling up a carbon-financed clean cookstove project and leading a rural electrification project in Myanmar with Orbis Development Partners, London to Environmental Management related projects with Hyder Consulting, UK. Apart from this, he also had his share of experience working in the hospitality sector with Manchester United F.C. where he was a Food Kiosk Team Leader and has served as Stadium Section Manager and Crew Trainer with Manchester City F.C.

Bhushan graduated with a BE in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management from Salford University and a Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship from the School of Business Management, NMIMS Mumbai.

Bhushan, an avid swimmer, when not working on Piconergy, enjoys cooking, travelling and pursuing his passion of teaching.

Akshay Angolkar – Associate

Akshay started with Piconergy as a volunteer in early 2015 and has since then significantly contributed towards its growth. His present role involves him actively in business development, operations and partnerships.

Akshay loves to spend most of his time on the field, interacting with under-served households and coming up new and innovative energy solutions. When not on the field, he is likely to be found trekking a new mountain peak and capturing beautiful photographs.

Problem Area addressed :
Access to electricity is crucial to human well-being and to a country’s economic development. Yet, more than 25% of India’s population lives without access to electricity. These underserved households; mostly in rural parts of our country are forced to live literally in the dark after sunset.

Their best bet to light up the house is through a candle or a kerosene lamp, which is not only a relatively expensive source of lighting but also inefficient and weak, all coming at a higher environmental cost. The health and safety concerns around this provisional method of lighting are quite significant, where there is a constant threat of fire related hazard. Living under these conditions significantly stunts the socio-economic development of these households by hampering productivity, increasing fuel costs and making it difficult for students to study during night time.

Solution offered :
‘HELIOS’ is Piconergy’s answer to address the basic lighting and mobile phone charging needs of the non/under-served household & micro-enterprises in rural and urban regions.

Market Traction :
Piconergy has served several households and micro-enterprises in the under-served pockets of Mumbai and in non-served regions of Rajasthan with its first product, HELIOS, a solar energy powered lighting and mobile charging solution.
The team is currently coming up with several other innovative products to be a part of Piconergy’s offerings and establishing key partnerships for maximising its outreach