Picsurely is a photographer discovery platform. Here Photographers upload portfolios across categories, and display fees and availability, then Clients browse portfolios, shortlist and communicate with photographers, and hire them. Photographers deliver services assisted by platform features like scheduler, CRM, invoicing and photo sharing applications.



Team Composition:


  • Regan Bharti: BE/IIM Calcutta, 2.5 years work experience with Accenture, Yahoo and an online housing startup in Mumbai.
  • PranabSalian: BE/IIM Calcutta, 6.5 years of work experience with Amazon, WNS, and The Times of India. Had also started an online encryption company, with more than 1 million paying customers.
  • Abhishek Shivhare: NUS/IIM Calcutta, 4.5 years of work experience with Barclays, HSBC and Mahindra.

Core Team Members:

  • Ashwajeet Shetty- Computer Engineer, 3 years of work experience with iGate/Patni and as an investment professional
  • Sameer Rane -B.Com degree from University of Mumbai, 1 year work experience with WNS
  • Ankit Gupta: BE/IIFT, Delhi, 2 years work experience as a portfolio manager and commodity trader with big MNCs like Future Group and STC.

Market Opportunity:

People need a better way to find, compare, communicate with, and hire independent photographers. Finding the right photographer is tough, because photographers are unorganized and depend on referrals for clients. They are rarely great at marketing themselves online, lack a unified solution to schedule and deliver services, and invoice and receive payment.

Industry and Competition:

  • Picsurely is a global platform. Photographers are our clients and we want to target the entire global photography market which is $53 billion industry. There are close to 2.2 million Pro/Semi-Pro Photographers worldwide. Similarly, the global photographer listing market is $56 million out of which, $42 million is just the wedding photography listing market.
  • Our competitors like Behance, Snapknot, or Flatpebble are either focusing on a particular category, or a particular geography. There are Indian websites ( and which are job listing websites for photography. But these websites focus only on the Indian Wedding niche. This is also a problem with our American competitor Snapknot.
  • Similarly, Indian wedding aggregator websites and 7vachan also have wedding photographers listed on their website. However they are not optimized for displaying and discovering photographers.
  • Picsurely’s differentiated offering is that, it’s the only global website that is focused on photography-specific display and discovery features, and covers all categories of photographers for hire. We have plans to create strategic partnerships with album and memorabilia printing services to provide ancillary services to the user.
  • Our vision for Picsurely is to make it the only global website that is focused on photography-specific display and discovery features, and covers all categories of photographers for hire.
  • We will have an advantage over our competitors as we would want to focus all our efforts in making products and services catering to executing photography assignments. We intend to come up with some useful productive tools on a Saas platform which will help photographers manage their schedule, leads, CRM, invoicing, payments and also the execution of photography deliverables through cloud and mobile.

Revenue Model:

  • On Picsurely hiring photographers is always free. Photographers list for free and pay for leads. We have differential pricing structure for developed and developing countries. There are 3 different plans under which a photographer can enroll.
  • Free Listing: 3 free leads/month is passed on through the system and Rs. 200 per lead is charged later ($15 per lead for developed countries).
  • Standard Account: Annual listing fee of Rs. 6,000 and the photographer gets all the leads ($600/year for developed countries).
  • Premium Account: Annual listing fee of Rs. 12,000 and the photographer all the leads as well get prime real estate and other features on the website ($1200/year in developed countries).
  • Listing fee and pay per lead model for photographer is one part of our revenue stream. We will also monetize the photographer community by having album and memorabilia printing partnerships, Photo Sharing partnerships and making revenue by providing management tools to photographers. Other ancillary revenue streams would include marketing camera gear, software to photographers. We also intend to monetize the client traffic on our website by advertisements and sharing leads with non-­competing vendors.