We believe potential of polls haven’t been utilized yet. There’s an opportunity of building a centeralized polling network which can result in building a community interested in conducting or engaging in Polls. PollHub is live on android and web as an alpha release. We’re now focusing on driving traffic towards the web platform and increase user engagements.



Team Composition:

Founder: Bilal Budhani

Founder: Pritesh Jain

Market Opportunity:

  • Polarb had 1.1 million voters and over 1 billion polls in last 8 months.
  • GoDaddy 26.6 million votes cast. (An average of 200 votes per poll).
  • 116 million unique people around the world who saw some PollDaddy content (45m in US).

Industry and Competition:

We have two competitors in the market

  • ouropinio
  • polarb

Revenue Model:

We haven’t zero down on a revenue model yet. We’re first focused on generating traffic and user engagement.