Pykih is a data visualisation company formed in Sept. 2013. We help data journalists, software product companies and businesses with visually representing large data sets to make the data intuitively simple and actionable for managers / readers. Our objective is to make numbers simple for a non-numbers person.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Ritvvij Parrikh, Founder
Before starting pykih, Ritvvij worked for many years at Amdocs Inc from US, Israel and India. At Amdocs, he designed data ­driven enterprise systems for AT&T. Later, he founded TracksGiving, a social enterprise to use open­ data and analytics to bring transparency to charitable giving. At Pykih, Ritvvij spends his time interacting with various media houses, software companies and businesses to help them make sense of data.

Pykih is a single founder company. Cognizant of the fact that one needs a great team to build a successful company, Ritvvij interviewed 72 people across 9 months until he found the first employee with the ‘right’ cultural fit. Our first two hires were college drop­ outs who folded their businesses to join pykih. Currently, our team consists of 12 people. 6 Data Artist, 5 Data Engineers and 1 Designer.

Problem Area Addressed:
We live in a world of numbers, buried under a deluge of data. Businesses are investing millions of dollars into analytics to make sense of this enormous data. However, if their managers cannot operationally take the actionable decisions from that data, then this investment is a waste. We want to pioneer the human computer interface for the big data age.
More specifically, data journalism is multi-disciplinary field with skills required in data, design, development and story telling. Also, the tools in the market are extremely fragmented and complex. This brings in a challenge how a media organisation can build teams, systems and processes to churn out data-driven articles on a daily basis.

Solution Offered:
Data analytics and visualization is a “solutions” business. A one-size-fits-all product does not work in this industry. For most customers, we conceptualize, design, build and often host custom visualizations.
For data journalists, open data enthusiasts and charities, we have a – a collaboration tool around data. It allows journalists to source, clean, model, analyse and visualize any data set within minutes.

Market Traction:
We have built custom visualizations for organisations across six countries. These include firms like Microsoft,, FirstPost, Journalism++ Cologne, Akshara, 500 start-ups, etc.