QuickMetrix connects Brands with real customers and prospects on social media. It provides a unified experience to customers for 2-way interactions with the enterprise (complaint, new sale or plain engagement).  It is India’s first Enterprise Social Media Automation product that allows end-to-end functions of Listening, Engagement, Publishing and Analysis. The information is real time for better insights and helps drive customer engagement.


Market Size :

Competition :

  • The largest hurdle to our growth is Brands and agencies that prefer to deploy resources and freeware to do analytics and research
  • Among other softwares, the biggest is Radian6 (now part of SFDC), Hootsuite, SproutSocial. Among Indian players are Germin8, Simplify360

Revenue Model

  • Customers would be either direct (end user) or Partners (agencies -digital marketing or research, IT companies)
  • Subscription fee for the tool payable on a monthly basis / quarterly basis / annual basis
  • Enterprise customers would pay for customization, if required


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