RetailNavĀ is an Indoor Navigation Technology company focussing on providing rich location based analytics and services to retailers, with a vision to create an interactive marketplace that facilitates a wholesome, engaging shopping experience for the consumer.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):

AmeyaSahasrabudhe: IIT Bombay, class of 2013. Worked at Schlumberger for two months before quitting to co-findRetailNav. A complete people’s person with experience in organizational leadership, heads marketing, business and product development and takes responsibility for the design process.

ManojGudi: Research Assistant, Dept of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay. Software expert and uber geek, in charge of all product deployment and hardware implementation, designs algorithms and develops backend programs for RetailNav to
function smoothly.

PrateekChaturvedi: IIT Bombay, class of 2012. Worked with Deutsche Bank for close to 2 years. A high wizard of Excel with a penchant for numbers, he brings his expertise on working with money to RetailNav. He runs operations and legal, while leading the strategic development.

Problem Area Addressed: Indoor location based rich consumer analytics and targeted marketing tools.

Currently all analytics that goes into forming strategies for product placement, marketing, supply chain, etc. is based on POS (point of sale) data and general trends.
RetailNav provides deep consumer insights, and a tool to offer customized products, deals and offerings with actionable analytics such as heat maps, hot routes etc for optimized retailing processes.

Solutions Offered: Indoor navigation.
Rich location based consumer analytics (heat maps, hot routes, etc.)
Targeted marketing tools to provide customized offers/ deals based on consumer’s preferences and interests.

Market Traction: Pilot project coming up with a major mall in Mumbai.
In talks with a major national retail chain for a limited store implementation.

Milestones / Achievements:First (as far as we know) in the Indian market to introduce this technology.