Savingsgrow is an innovative platform which intends to ease and streamline the investment  space for all its stakeholders. Current investment pace in India is marked by opaqueness and customers are forced to make choices from a subset of product offerings of their incumbent banks. Banks, on the other hand, spend a lot on marketing and acquisition and still aren’t able to target effectively. Savingsgrow intends to solves both of these problems and provide more transparency to customer while enabling the banks to focus on their core activities.


Pankaj Dutta:m20+ years of experience in IT, designing complex solutions  and having  delivered successful projects  in BFSI domain for leading International Banks  in multiple countries.

Masters  Diploma in Software Engineering.  MBA, ITM Mumbai. Financial Engineering and Risk Management, NISM.


Problem Area Addressed:

The Problem we are trying to solve spans across the value chain of investing. For the Banks we intent to lower their marketing an acquisition costs, make their products more visible to the customer eyes and improve their targeting. For Consumers we  will improve transparency and ease of transaction.

Solution offered:

We are working to create a market place for the customers, where they can compare, assess and invest in the savings product of their choice.

Market Opportunity:

TAM $10.7 Bn

Market Traction: Yet to be launched