Scholr is a Mumbai based education startup providing personalized coaching to K-12 students using adaptive learning technology and a team of well-trained, expert teachers.


Himanshu: worked as a mobile applications engineer at Geodesic and as a sales manager at Ingersoll Rand. He is a B. Tech, Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kanpur and P.G.D.M. IIM Ahmedabad.

Manil: Manil has done business analytics consulting at ZS Associates for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. He holds deep expertise in data analytics and brand marketing. Manil has a B.E. in Electronics & Instrumentation from BITS Pilani.

Aniket: Aniket has also done business analytics consulting at ZS Associates. He holds expertise in creating business intelligence tools and dashboards through analytics and data automation. Manil has a B.E. in Electrical & Electronics from BITS Pilani.

Problem Area Addressed:

  • Most of the Indian K-12 students are not able to get any personalized attention w.r.t. their academic due to deficiencies in the current school education system. However, the high peer-pressure to perform in examinations still remains the same for both students and their parents.
  • Parents are lacking the time and capabilities required to teach their own children due to heavy workload. Private tuitions although effective are highly unorganized with many individual teachers in every locality.
  • Online education has worked well for adults who want to learn something new or improve themselves however it hasn’t worked great for K-12 students as a vast majority of them are passive learners who learn effectively when teachers are around to supervise and support them.
  • 1:1 tutors, although effective are still expensive & have inflexible schedules for most Indian families.

Solution offered:  

Scholr has developed a standardized online tutoring and coaching system, which is a fine blend of technology and human teachers. The technology platform matches each student with the right personal coach based on his or her unique learning requirements and delivers a customized learning material for every student. Our coaches create weekly learning goals for each student, monitor their progress, and provide timely feedback and motivation to help students meet their learning goals in an engaging and optimized manner.

Market Traction:

The platform’s alpha version is scheduled for launch by mid Nov’15.