ShereIt opens up the stock market to the 100 million middle class in India and breaks down the stereo type that the stock market is only accessible to the top 1%.

 The Social Trading Network has trade copy and analytics tools to catapult trading returns. It removes the isolation faced by investors when trading and makes investing social, transparent and conversational for all.

Team Composition

Amar Banwait (CEO/co-Founder), Former Hedge Fund Manager, turning over $1 billion a month

 Namrata Gandhi (CTO/co-Founder), Software Architect for ODIN™ used by 85% of Indian Trading Firms

Problem Area Addressed

The problems for investors are education, confidence and trust.

Solutions offered

A social trading network that allows investors to interact, through live trades or messages with other traders around the world in a real-time and transparent way. It is a social network designed and built specifically for stock trading.
Follow expert investors, view their real-time trades, review their past performance, copy their trades, monitor your portfolio, post your views, comment on trades.

–        Individuals no longer need to do investment research on their own

–        No more betting on tips but on real-time trades shared by experts and top traders

–        Individuals get an opportunity to invest and earn from stocks by following and copying experts

–        The public can make investment decisions based on wisdom of the crowd and using real data rather than depending on broker tips

Market Traction

·       Currently offering US Equities trading via the ShereIt Platform

·       In deployment with an Indian and Singapore broker.


Accepted into Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore 2015 Accelerator

 One of the Eight of the hottest fintech start-ups in Singapore

 Investment received from Singapore Government