Shirsa Labs

SHIRSATM is India’s first dedicated brain training and research program. It aims to improve the cognitive skills of children by using online games, which are designed to boost agility, focus, memory, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our all games are crafted by a board of Brain Health Experts that consists of educationists, psychologists and other therapists. Every child undergoes a free assessment and is provided with a detailed report on his / her cognitive profile. With unique username and password a customized brain training program is offered to the individual. This program contains games that kids can play 15-20 minutes a day and 3/4 times a week. We provide a detailed quarterly report for every student to parents to help them monitor child’s progress on the platform.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Sukhada Tendulkar – Co-Founder and CEO A finance professional by academics and an ex banker who turned business women, to start a novel concept like Shirsa. Sukhada is responsible for product development, sales and daily operations of the company.

Mandar Desai – Co-Founder and COO An entrepreneur with wide experience & interests in technology and business management. Mandar handles marketing and business partnerships at Shirsa.

Prof. Vijay B. Joshi –Research Head With more than 25 years experience in psychometrics, Ex dean at NMIMS, Prof. Joshi has been as Advisor (Research & Academics) since its inception.

Avishkar Nikale – CTO A technology pro who has been at senior positions at various MNCs in Information Technology field. Avi handles complete technology portfolio of Shirsa.

Triature – A Digital Marketing & Interactive Design Company A social media and UI/UX company which will handle the complete Digital presence for next one year.

Problem Area Addressed
The SHIRSATM concept originated from the convergence of new science and growing consumer interest.
New Science
• Over the past twenty years, research has shown that the brain can generate new brain cells throughout life.
• By learning new skills and trying different activities, people can maintain and improve their brain’s function at any age.
Growing Consumer Interest
• Parents continue to try to find ways to help their children maximize their potential.
• Children learn the best when they are engaged and they love playing games.
Both these factors lead to educational-gaming category that helps in improving child’s cognitive abilities.

Solutions Offered
• SHIRSA is a B2C company that targets educated men and women aged 30-50 who are parents and are conscious about their families & kids
• The current solution is on the internet and we are currently working on the iPad app.
• With 27 Crores kids in India, the market is highly encouraging.

Market Traction
• Today the platform has over 10000 users.
• With 50% returning users and 10-15% conversion ratio, Shirsa already boasts users from all the states of India.
• We have over 25 games already on the portal
• More than 50 schools already signed up
• Training on Shirsa is fun, engaging and hands-on. The average time spent by a current user exceeds 10 minutes per visit.