Sosio is a cloud based application, custom tailored to suit the requirements of the communities. It is a platform which helps them to attractvolunteers, manage their supporters for their events/causes, raise funds and measure their Key Performance Indicators. This brings in more accountability, bridges the bi-directional communication gap, and adds efficiency to the day-to-day activities.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):
Saket Bhushan
10+ years of experience volunteering pro-bono with several non-profit organizations. Was a researcher in his past life. Published couple of papers in Computational Mechanics. Developed several high end, web and mobile apps. Open source enthusiast, talks tech at open source conferences. Currently building Sosio.

Problem Area Addressed:
We help you manage and engage with the group of people, associated with you.

Solutions Offered:
• Tools for Inbound Marketing, Self Adapting Member Management Solution, and Group Management.
• Cloud-based multi-tenant infrastructure
• Data integration and big data management
• Mobile support
• Data visualization

Market Traction:
We are currently helping more than 20 organizations, manage more than 10s of thousands of members.