TipStop is a marketplace that connects retail investors and traders with analysts who list their research products on their platform.

It is also a low-cost method for broking firms to list their research products and disseminate their calls to their own customers.

Team Composition:

Aditya Mehta – Founder

Vikram Ramchand – Part-time CTO

Problem Area Addressed:

For Investors:

We bring choice when it comes to sources of investment and trading advice

We bring transparency on the credentials and quality of the analysts

We bring trust by having only SEBI-registered analysts

For Analysts:

We provide a low-cost platform to disseminate calls to existing subscribers

We provide reach to potential subscribers

We remove latency associated with sending research on SMS

Solution offered:

A mobile app that serves as a marketplace

A dashboard that serves as an HQ for analysts

Market Traction:

App launched on Android platform in May 2016.