Uberlit is a video platform made for content marketing and e-commerce, creating a new form of communication around video. It lets anyone create interactive videos using just a smartphone and share them. Brands get ‘video that sells’ and everyone gets a way to delight their social network. It is integrated with social media platforms and is available on iOS and Android (very early version)

Team Composition:

Founder: Vikram Singh

Advisor- PrasannaWalimbe

Created ver 1 of the client and architected platform (app in production on App Store and platform hosted on Amazon with NoSQL).

Market Opportunity:

  • Digital and mobile video consumption grows at a scorching pace
  • Brand communication using video continues to be push and not pull, and is not integrated with social (‘view this’, ‘view that’ when it can be ‘buy this’ and ‘create that’). This is the big opportunity for Uberlit to exploit.
  • Our opportunity is to be the destination of choice to engage with video content
    • E-Commerce
    • Sports
    • Education

Industry and Competition:

  • Mobile video players, YouTube
  • Rich media players like ViewBix

Revenue Model:

  • Custom solutions for key clients
  • For the free version, value will be created by generation of unique user data around content inside video, and user engagement