underDOGS Gaming Studio

underDOGS Gaming Studio is completely focussed on developing and publishing good quality entertaining mobile and tablet games worldwide.

Team Composition (Founder’s Background):Founded by a creative freak and a Geek.Vaibhav Chavan is the Founder and CEO at underDOGS Gaming Studio. Before starting up underDOGS, Vaibhav has worked with various Gaming Companies like Disney Indiagames, Games2Win and Hungama. Throughout his career he played various roles from Game Designer, Software Programmer to Game Producer. At underDOGS, he is responsible for almost everything related to Game development from designing the game, UI, Art Direction and Business.

Omkar Patil is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at underDOGS Gaming Studio. He plays a vital and sole role in each and every aspect related to technology. From programming to handling all the techie gadgets, he has a solution for every tech related problem.

Problem Area Addressed:
There is no such loop-hole we are addressing but the mobile game market is a crowded space with multiple games with a same mechanic. With lot of Indies coming in by copying the successful games, boredom in gaming is increasing killing the innovation. Major studios are working on single game for months and eventually failing to make it successful. As far as Indian Game Development community is concerned, there is no big title coming out locally creating a massive impact on the eco-system.

Solutions Offered:
We are developing and publishing good quality entertaining games, with a strategy to make them successful. Instead of focussing on one single game for a month, we are concentrating on making multiple games on all kinds of possible platforms. Creating a huge catalogue of games with variety of genres keeping innovation alive. The target is to keep developing and publishing meaningful games that will increase our chances of discovering that next big casual game from India.

Market Traction:
We publish our games on 5 major platforms being Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon and Nook. For android itself there are 70 different stores that we publish our games too. We started publishing this year (Jan 2014) and with 5 small titles have got a traction of more than 100K users across all the platforms. We focus to cross a million users this year.

Milestones / Achievements:
– Founded in September 2011
– Developed 3 Hit Titles for Clients.
– Listed in Nasscom Game companies directory in November 2012
– World of Brains (Self published) game selected in finalists of NGF awards 2013
– Parking Evolution 3D achieved a feat of 80K+ users within 2 months of launch.