We are creating an eco-system around video marketing and analytics; building tools for brands, agencies, artists and practically everyone with a video.

We let you send YouTube videos in an embed form inside e-mail, increasing views, social shares and engagement.
The USP of the product is that it detects which email client or device is used to open the mail and displays the video accordingly. For example, if you open a video email using iphone or, the video plays inside the inbox and if you open the same mail on gmail or yahoo, the video displays as an animated GIF. As per our case studies, this feature has resulted in a 25% increase in CTR.

You get exhaustive analytics of the campaign as well. Not just the open rates and CTR but complete video analytics like how many people watched the video half/full, how many replayed it, average time of viewing, demographic breakup, etc. Also, VidooMail integrates with every available ESP (email sending platform) in the market. If you’re already using MailChimp or Sendgrid, you can easily integrate VidooMail with it to send video emails.