VindoShop is a mobile application that opens up with the vision of changing how people shop in India offline. It aims to bring a radical change in the shopping psychology of the people by instilling the opportunity of getting their desired product at discounted price with the quality assurance in place. We believe that a user doesn’t always needs to buy products from a store at MRP.

VindoShop will be your shopping buddy. It is your perfect shopping partner which comes fully equipped to tell a user which is the most cost efficient place to shop in the entire city or near your location for a particular category of product like apparel, shoes, bags, cosmetics, sports gear, etc.

For retailers, VindoShop provides a platform for launching new collections, promoting themselves, creating brand awareness and publicizing themselves with a sole purpose of boosting their sales.

Team: A well balanced team consisting of 5 Developers, 3 Marketing, 2 Operations, 2 Social Media Marketing and 12 Interns mentored by Financial and Business Advisors. The founder Siddhartha Gupta has a Masters in Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering from Georgia Tech with a minor in Mathematics and Management of Technology. He has over 4+ years of work experience with the Audience Marketing Team at Microsoft India, couple of startups – Earth2Orbit and Manage Code Cultivate.

Problem Area Addressed

Lack of consumer awareness while shopping offline. 85% of retail segment in India unorganized.

Solution offered

Enabling smart shopping by listing current deals in the consumer’s vicinity and city. Bringing the offline retail online. Bringing about a change in the unorganized retail segment and making it organized.


  • Enabling features such as “wallet system” and “hyper local delivery” in our 2nd version launch.
  • Collaboration with 20000+ retailers across India for listings and offers.

Market Opportunity

The retail industry in India is set to grow to $637bn by 2020.  To retain the sector of unorganized offline retail market by branding them and bringing them online.